Attendee Registration & Management

  • Registration
    Develop registration forms and fee schedules; pre-register attendees through website, fax, mail and phone; maintain toll-free help lines and help desks; monitor registration trends to adjust promotion efforts and host property resources; provide onsite registration support and staff information desk; generate reports on all required fields; compile and analyze final registration numbers.
  • Sponsorship
    Identify potential donors; outline sponsorship opportunities and benefits; develop sponsorship packages and correspondence; follow up with personalized pitching and support before, during and after the event.
  • Attendee Management
    Invite and confirm attendees; offer dedicated personalized support to facilitate participation; organize travel, transportation and accommodations; provide regular updates, program notes and reminders; distribute individualized itineraries and briefing information; provide onsite support.
  • Speaker and VIP Support
    Identify, invite and confirm speakers, VIPs and subject-matter experts through client suggestions, speakers bureaus and independent research; facilitate participation; organize travel, transportation and accommodations; manage reimbursement of expenses and payments of honorarium; distribute AV spec sheets to provide/compile basic presentation requirements; develop briefing memos; facilitate inter-panel communication; provide talking points, transitional remarks and scripting; conduct onsite rehearsals and briefings; assist with presentation graphics, format and content; distribute thank you letters and photographs.
  • Travel and Transportation
    Make travel arrangements; organize ground transportation; generate and maintain travel manifests.
  • Materials
    Develop attendee materials including notebooks, handouts, and badges, produce bags, folders, and mementos with the appropriate branding for the event.