Creative Communication & Theme Development

  • Theme and Program Development
    Propose theme and tagline concepts; create images and graphics for event/client branding; develop program in function of overall goal, required content elements, appropriate flow, and time/space available.
  • Promotion and Outreach
    Develop and execute outreach strategies; compile and maintain databases of targeted stakeholders, decision makers, and potential attendees; create, design and output various marketing materials and tools; suggest distribution vehicles and methods, including electronic, mass mailing and telemarketing; develop press strategies, including drafting media advisories and press releases, and organizing radio actualities and satellite media tours.
  • Web-based Event Solutions
    Develop and maintain customized, interactive and user-friendly websites to primarily: provide relevant and updated event information; register attendees, exhibitors and speakers; collect fees; and generate customized reports. In addition, websites can: showcase confirmed speakers; generate mass emails to prospective or confirmed participants; offer e-conference and e-commerce tools; abstract collection; attendee networks and chat rooms; presentations, handouts and photo galleries; pre-event surveys and post-event evaluations.
  • Writing and Editing
    Generate all required correspondence, including letters, scheduling proposals, press releases and briefing documents; develop text for all event-related products, including website, promotional materials and program brochures; script writing; proofreading and editing presentations, studies and other publications.